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Meet The Cast


Larry Mulligan

DJ/Master of Ceremonies

Director of Operations


Patrick Costello

DJ/Master of Ceremonies


Orel Longobardi

DJ/Master of Ceremonies


Paul Kreischer

DJ/Master of Ceremonies


Heather Mulligan

mojo;) photo booth Hostess

Larry Mulligan


Combine a creative and charismatic personality and a contagious energy that will take an event to the next level and you have Larry. For over 19 years, Larry continues to create raving fans here in the Hudson Valley and continues to be sought out for wedding and event celebrations that have a need for WOW! Larry is consistently reinventing the way events are experienced to make them fun, exciting, unique and memorable.


Larry has been featured in Mobile Beat Magazine, on KISS FM, the Discovery Channel, & MTV


Larry is also responsable for the design and production of the NCX DJ booth


You can listen to Larry's aka Tunnelboy mixes below on MixCloud. Enjoy!



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