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What is a mojo;) photo booth?

mojo;) photo booths are not only rentable photo booths for your special event, mojo photo booth is the premier photo booth entertainment experience. In December 2011 mojo;) photo booth Freestanding was featured on "The Price Is Right" with Drew Carey on CBS. Since then mojo;) has made proud appearences in four episodes, including "The Best of 2011"  and "The Showcase Showdown" Click here to view pictures from the appearances.


How much does it cost to rent a mojo;) photo booth?

Prices range from $950.00 up to $1,150.00 excluding any photo booth enhancements

For a limited time receive 4 hours of unlimited photos with rental.


Do you collect sales tax on mojo;) photo booth rentals and enhancements?

Yes. State sales tax is required on photo booth rental and on certain enhancements.


How do mojo;) photo booths work?

Step in front of the mojo;) photo booth, push the color or black & white button, and pose. Our monitor will countdown while allowing you to view yourself live as you show us your mojo!


What is a custom header or footer on a photo strip?

A custom header or footer is a custom design or logo that  will be imprinted on the top or bottom of each photo strip making your event unique and special.


When do I get my photo strips?

Your photo strips print on the spot and will be ready by the time you step away from the booth.


Will I receive a copy of all the photos taken at my event?

Yes.mojo;) photo booth will mail you a CD of every photo taken from your event.


Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?

You and your guests can take unlimited photos for the entire duration of your contracted event.


What if each person in a group shot would like a photo strip?

Simply ask the host before the group shot that each person would like a copy of the photo. The host will change the number of prints so each person walks away with a photo strip.


Will someone from mojo;) be at my event running the photo booth?

mojo;) photo booth provides a professional host who will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests from start to finish. Our hosts are also technically trained to operate and ensure that you get the best use of your mojo;) photo booth.


What do you mean by idle time?

By building idle time into the event, it allows for the booth to still be in place but not operating. i.e. the photo booth is temporarily closed and will reopen when the idle time is complete.


How is mojo;) photo booth different from other photo booth rentals?

mojo;) photo booth doesn't look like your average photo booth because we're not your average photo booth company. Our patented design allows for optimal performance and total fun! which enables you and your guests to be as creative as they like. It's all about the mojo;) experience!



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