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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Testimonials 



We are speechless!!! The party was amazing! The phone won't stop ringing from all of our family and friends about how great you were and how the DJ makes the party! Thank you again for making it perfect for us and a night that everyone will remember forever!


The Dorn Family



We saw how great you were at our nephew's Bar Mitzvah, but you only confirmed everything we loved about your work at our own event this past Saturday. Your energy and flair definitely set the tone and contributed to the overall mood and atmoshphere, ensuring that it was a joyous and fun day for all. The music was wonderful and the kids had a blast dancing and participating in the games. The adults danced too and enjoyed the music, but one of your gifts (and the one that I think distinguishes your work from others I have seen), is that you balanced entertainment with the ability of guests to enjoy each other as well. I personally think that's the hardest part - and you did it with class and great talent. It's a real art and we are very grateful to you.


It was truly a pleasure to work with you and to meet you. We also appreciate your unfailing patience and warmth as well as all the time you took working with us before the event. You really ensured that this will be an occasion we all will think back to fondly and happily.


We will of course, be sure to recommend you to everyone. Thank you very much for everything.


Warm Regards,


Peggy and Steven



    "Very Professional!" "Best DJ we ever heard at any Bar Mitzvah!" "Had the kids up and dancing like we've never seen before". "Teich and Kulka give Much Music DJ two thumbs up!"


    These were all comments heard from guests of Matt's Bar Mitzvah on July 23rd Larry and his assistant Paul were easy to work with and they had as much fun as our guests.  We echo all the above comments and highly recommend Much Music DJ for any affair.  You guys were a class act and we are so glad we chose you for our son's well planned party/  In keeping with our baseball theme. Much Music DJ was a grand-slam home run!


Thanking you,


Cliff and Susan



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